Entrust us to manage your land, combining market intelligence and technical expertise with environmentally driven farming principles.

Every farm is different, and we apply this mentality to each farming solution. 

“Mr and Mrs E have a long-term alignment of interests with Sentry to farm their land on a day-to-day basis whilst the family run their complimentary business alongside the farm. They are involved in setting the farming strategy with quarterly review meetings and regular contact with the manager and farm team. They are involved when major purchasing or sale decisions are made. Sentry supply the machinery, labour, and management expertise. The business enjoys superior margins and has consistently performed in the upper quartile. The estate is kept tidy and well maintained with all profits equally shared.”

“The Trustees of Mr D granted a tenancy to Sentry to farm their land in Cambridgeshire. The trustees were attracted to Sentry as both parties share the same core values. Sentry are responsible for the complete farming operation. This includes providing machinery, financing, and are accountable to the trust at an annual meeting for the efficient farming of their land and forward planning.”

“Mr W’s farm manager took a leave of absence whilst recovering from an operation. Sentry stepped-in with a relief manager at short notice, who was able to draw on the wider Sentry network for specialist support whilst the manager made a full recovery.  The business became a Sentry Business Solutions Member after this experience and takes advantage of farm benchmarking and bulk-purchasing of key inputs and strategic advice on the timing of crop sales.”

“Mrs S combines managing her farm with a second career in recruitment. She doesn’t have time to get the lowest input costs or to research the market to implement a successful marketing strategy. So, she uses Sentry Business Solutions to improve her business’s commercial performance, and their professional advice to help with a number of time sensitive tasks such as annual BPS claims for the RPA. She benefits from timely bulletins to keep her up to date with changing trends and compliance with emerging legislation.”

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