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Sentry Business Solutions offers you the complete package for your Rural Business…

Combining our established Professional Services, with our buying power across the industry, we are committed to saving our clients money and time, without compromising on quality Product Supply and business-driven Rural Advice.

All of our services are delivered in-house by nine Rural Professionals who specialise in the following:

  • Funding Applications and Scheme Advice: BPS, CSS, ELM, SFI and Capital Grants.
  • Business Planning: Budgeting, Cashflows, Business Plans and Succession.
  • Project Planning: All Rural Project Planning Advice and Application Support.
  • Agreements: Rent Reviews and Agreement Production.
  • Estate and Property Management.
  • Compensation Claims.
  • Benchmarking: Input Prices and Sentry Analytics.
  • Environmental Solutions: Natural Capital, Carbon Offsetting and Biodiversity Offsetting.
  • Health and Safety Management Advice.
  • Compliance Assistance: Nutrient, Manure and Soil Management Plans.
  • Farm Appraisal and Due Diligence Consultancy.
  • Diversification and Added Value Advice and Support.
  • Marketing Consultancy and Graphic Design.
  • Financial Support Services: Accountancy, Bookkeeping, Payroll and Pensions.

Working with market-leading supply partners, we can assist you with the purchase of the following:

  • Crop Input Supplies: Seed, Fertiliser, Sprays and Lime.
  • Crop Advice: Soil Testing and Analysis and Agri-Science Subscriptions.
  • Machinery: Tractors, Combines, Drills and Implements.
  • Workshop Supplies: Machinery Spares and Oils.
  • Farm Security: Security and Monitoring Systems.
  • Telecommunications: Business Phones and Handsets.
  • Grain Marketing: Trading with ADM Agriculture.

Companies We Work With

What Our Suppliers Say…

Since 2015 KWS UK have been working in a variety selection partnership with Sentry. The relationship is based on sharing detailed knowledge of varieties from an early stage, and then linking this shared knowledge in with Sentry’s agronomy, seed supply and marketing agreements.

The success of this initiative has been a result of built-up knowledge and trust, with the ability to share information in a transparent and confidential manner. We continue to develop the relationship year on year and are delighted to have been given the opportunity to work with Sentry on innovating this crucial part of the supply process.


ADM Agriculture provide Sentry with a bespoke marketing service across all combinable crops. The relationship enables Sentry to have direct access to ADM’s UK assets which include flour milling, oilseed crushing and human consumption pulse processing. Crop and varietal performance, gross margin analysis, end consumer demand profiles, as well as detailed and frequent market analysis are the foundations for all decisions taken.

Our strong and enduring relationship with Sentry is built on mutual trust and regular business to business dialogue at all levels within both companies.

ADM Agriculture

Agrii are pleased to be a key supplier to Sentry for their seed requirements. The Agrii-Seed brand employs a science-based approach to variety selection, using sustainability metrics to supply the varieties which can offer the highest level of resilience and consistency for growers.

Sentry Business Solutions Members can have confidence in the Master Seeds quality produced exclusively through our own facilities, with seed treatment solutions rigorously tested to provide the best proven products available in the industry. Agrii can cover all your seed needs.


Witham Group are proud to be the preferred supplier of agricultural lubricants and greases to Sentry for 15+ years.

Sentry consistently demand, high quality and industry approved lubricants for their tractor and machinery fleets. Through the organising of technical lubrication surveys, Witham Group have, in conjunction with Sentry, made the application of lubricants simpler, rationalised product grades, and most of all shown significant savings without jeopardising warranty, even on brand new machinery. Sentry owned farms and Sentry Business Solutions Members appreciate this new approach to lubrication, as do Witham Group.

Witham Group

John Deere has been working in partnership with Sentry for 21 years. Over this time, we have grown to become a trusted advisor for Agricultural Machinery and Precision Farming Technology. As one of the UK’s largest farming businesses Sentry have a thorough understanding of operating machinery and how important machinery performance is to the success of their farming operation. We are proud to have been selected by Sentry as a supplier that can consistently meet their high expectations.

Sentry have always been a forward-thinking business and keen to adopt new technologies, this has given John Deere the opportunity to trial and develop these new concepts in the field. In return Sentry’s expertise assists us in understanding the value and customer benefits of our products, a true win win partnership.

John Deere

Spaldings have been working closely with Sentry for a number of years, providing aftermarket wearing parts and an extensive range of products to Sentry Business Solutions Members.

Sentry’s knowledgeable and professional approach has always been admired and enabled us to work together to provide the very best service. We look forward to our continued development and partnership for many years to come.


Through a trusted long-term partnership, Agrovista provides Sentry with specialist agronomy advice and product supply, as well as additional support for areas such as precision farming.

With a global drive to improve farming practices whilst caring for the wider environment, Sentry’s willingness to pilot initiatives such as Agrovista’s soil health programme, demonstrates the forward-thinking nature of the business. This alignment of values makes for a highly successful relationship which we hope to build on into the future.

Agrovista UK

Our Membership Packages

Package 1 Membership

£850Per annum
  • For businesses with more than 200 Hectares of land.
  • Includes 8 hours of professional support and advice, along with access to our Buying Group portfolio
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Package 2 Membership

£425Per annum
  • For businesses with less than 200 Hectares of land.
  • Includes 3 hours of professional support and advice, along with access to our Buying Group portfolio
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What Our Members Say…

Being a member of Sentry Business Solutions offers me peace of mind, with both business advice and product supply.

Member Since: 2004

Sentry Business Solutions offers competitive purchasing of farm inputs and machinery that would not be as achievable without Sentry’s group buying power. This ensures peace of mind that the deals are in place and it’s just a matter of ordering. Also, I appreciate the ability to share knowledge with and benchmark against a large farming company.

Member Since: 2011

I have used my Sentry Business Solutions Membership mainly for benchmarking and grain sales advice, both of which have been invaluable for helping me run my business.

Member Since: 2012

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