Farm Management

Landowners entrust us to manage their land within long-term relationships that marry agronomic excellence that take into account customer requirements and expectations.

  • Farm Business Tenancy

  • Contract Farming Agreements

  • Farm Management Agreements

Bookkeeping & Accounts

Sentry uses knowledge and information to improve decision making and develop insights that give strategic advantage in a changing world.

Our advisory service focuses our corporate resources to provide an integrated, consistent and comprehensive package that delivers reliability in every field. We provide advice and expertise in all areas of management including consultancy, land agency, bookkeeping and accountancy.

  • Management and Strategic Business Planning

  • Financial, Accounting and Business Planning Expertise

  • Technical, Agri-environment and Compliance Advice

  • Associate membership

  • Benchmarking

Alternative Enterprises

Sentry have developed specialist expertise in a number of niche areas that our Associate Members can benefit from:

  • Simulated Shoot

  • Corporate Hospitality

  • Christmas trees

  • Road Reclamation

Product Services

Sentry offers Associate Membership to friends of Sentry. This entitles them to be part of our buying group Product Services.

  • Seed

  • Fertiliser

  • Sprays

  • Tractors

  • Combines

  • Wearing metal and parts

  • Precision Farming

  • Crop Marketing