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“The next five years will see an unprecedented change in UK agriculture. Farms will need to increase productivity by around 20% just to stand still financially”

Sentry Analytics (Powered by YAGRO) is designed to help you understand your crop performance, through looking at margins and profitability, so that you can review your past performance and evaluate the impact of your decisions.

We can look at how you can achieve the best results going forward. Reports are available based on performance and cost of production from field level, down to variety, input, and individual products.

We also hold Sentry led Discussion Groups, so that farmers can collaborate and consider what has worked for them, and what has worked for other farms.

Why Choose Sentry Analytics?

  • Accessible benchmarking.
  • Sentry led Discussion Groups with farms and data you trust.
  • Turn existing data in actionable results.
  • Treat every field as its own profit centre, as we do on our farms.
  • Enhance your knowledge with our on-farm expertise.

The System

Explorer Module

The Explorer Module displays the cost of production in pound per tonne across the crops grown in a given year – The year can be altered to show how crops have performed in the past. Cost of production is shown against the market range, so you can see how your crops have performed compared to the rest of the market.

You can view a particular crop in greater detail, showing performance over previous years compared to the market average. The data presented shows spend on inputs in pound per tonne and pound per hectare, again comparing this to the market range. You can also view how a selection of different varieties have performed.


Within the Explorer Module you can view the data of a particular variety in more detail. The platform will show you your farms cost of production year on year compared to the market average again, but this time using data from this variety only.

The data will show spend on inputs, as well as listing the fields which grew this variety and how each differs from the average cost of production on your farm.

 Programme Module

When viewing your variety data, you can switch to the Programme Module, which lists the fields growing that variety in a specific year. The data will show what percentage of your total spend could be saved on each field. 

Clicking on individual fields will show the ‘opportunity’ – The total cost that could be saved by changing the rate of inputs for this field to match the market median applied rate. 

Each input will have a target opportunity if you are able to make a saving on it – For example, more nitrogen has been applied than the market median, there will be an opportunity to save by reducing the application rate.  The costs in the Programme Module are referenced, so they are the average price paid for these products in the selected year. Clicking on the active ingredient name will show what was applied and when.

Navigating the Programme Module

From the field level in the Programme Module, you can click back to the variety, seeing the total opportunity available to save for each variety, then to crop, seeing the opportunity available to save for the crop as a whole. 

Selecting Programme Check enables you to see the saving opportunities across all crops.

Pricing Module

There is a further opportunity to make savings on inputs by looking at the Pricing Module. This displays what percentage is being overspent on each product, or where you are buying well. To see this in more detail, each individual product heading can be opened, showing the best price and if there is an alternative product that could be used.

Virtual Groups

The Virtual Groups Module allows us to set up groups between other farmers that are using the platform, so you can benchmark your performance and discuss what works well for each crop grown in common. This is especially useful for collaboration between farmers in one locality or region, so you are able to learn from each other and make changes that could boost production.

Interested in learning more about Sentry Analytics?

To book a personalised demo, seeing your data in the Sentry Analytics system, please contact Alec Smith, John Hall, Emily Kenyon, Elizabeth Ecclestone, or Peter Casey

Alec Smith
Alec Smith
Senior Business Advisor
John Hall
John Hall
Senior Farm Business Advisor
Emily Kenyon
Emily Kenyon
Rural Business Advisor
Elizabeth Ecclestone
Elizabeth Ecclestone
Rural Business Advisor
Peter Casey
Peter Casey
Rural Business Advisor