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Landowners entrust us to manage their land within long-term relationships that marry agronomic excellence that take into account customer requirements and expectations.

Our farms are spread geographically from Scotland to East Anglia and Kent to Dorset. They cover a wide variety of storage facilities, soil types and yield capabilities.

We design bespoke agreements with clients that take into account:

  • The risk appetite and level of financial certainty required from the client
  • The amount of time and expertise that the client can bring to bear
  • Any particular income or operational requirements and available capital resources

For more information contact: Andrew Mason email

We aim to maximise sustainable and superior returns over the full rotation.  In practice our Full Service farm management arrangements are based on

  • Farm Business Tenancies, where Sentry assume the complete farming risk in exchange for a competitive fixed-term tenancy that reflects landowner expectations and farming returns
  • Contract Farming or Joint-Venture arrangements, where the risk and rewards are shared between Sentry and the landowner and where Sentry organise the day-to-day operations and the landowner plays a role in the strategic direction of his business
  • Management-only agreements where Sentry supply specialist farm management on  a long-term or interim basis

Agreement Flexibility

  • Contract supply of labour and machinery with profit incentives
  • Management with or without equity and profit incentives
  • Bespoke arrangements to provide hands on management for short medium or longer term requirements
  • Collaborative agreements providing mutual ‘cost of production’ benefits through greater levels of labour and machinery efficiency
  • Associate Membership for those who wish to retain full control of their business but utilise the economy of scale benefits working with Sentry can bring.