“Understanding your Natural Capital is the key to unlocking environmental income.”

Within Environmental Solutions, our biggest strength is the direct connection we have to our own farmers on the ground. The day-to-day feedback and business decision making is first-hand data, meaning we are always at the forefront of what is happening on the land and the challenges rural businesses are faced with. This enables our team to offer you a unique and practical service.

Biodiversity Offsetting
Corporate Sponsorship
Carbon Capture
Corporate Offsetting
Environmental Appraisal
Stewardship Agreements

Woodland and Peatland carbon codes are well developed, and we can guide you through the process of entering into these agreements.

The prospect of receiving payments for carbon sequestered in soil is less advanced due to the volatility of carbon storage and the cost of measuring carbon stored in soil compared to carbon stored in Woodland and Peatland. Mechanisms for offsetting and trading soil carbon will be established by late 2021 and we can guide you through the potential opportunities that will be on offer to your business.

A carbon scheme will require you to change practice resulting in reduced greenhouse gas emissions and/or carbon sequestration.

It is climate change which is the driving force behind the Governments Net Zero targets. Corporate businesses find themselves under more pressure than ever to demonstrate that they are  ‘carbon neutral’.

To receive payments the landowner will have to create habitation for a species that is being disrupted by development elsewhere, the habitat created will have to provide for 10% more than the quantity of species being disrupted.

Conducting an environmental appraisal will enable us to advise any suitable opportunities there may be available to receive  payment for habitat creation now and in the future. If you would like to register your interest in unlocking this income potential, please contact the team below.

Each member of the team can offer an initial assessment demonstrating the viability of a scheme being implemented on your land. This will include factoring in the financials and environmental benefit, whilst not imposing on your farm business.

Correct use of the options is critical and when used within a crop rotation prove very effective.

When tailoring a new scheme, the team will provide you with:

  • An initial Viability Assessment
  • Discussion and advice on suitable options for your business
  • Provision of quality mapping to support an application and ongoing management
  • Creation of application including all supporting evidence needed
  • Submission of agreement

Sentry Environmental Appraisals can be used to aid setting the long-term direction of a business. Proposing potential new income streams through environmental works at a national level and giving greater detail of what is required to engage in schemes pertinent to the business being appraised.

The appraisal will feature three key aspects:

  • Environmental Resource Analysis
  • Discussion of Wider Opportunities
  • Client Specific Proposals

A range of tools will be used to paint a picture of the environmental opportunities available to you now and in the future.

After a ‘boots on the ground’ meeting and discussion at your holding, the client specific proposals will be formulated after further research and can include subject areas you would like us to investigate specifically.

If you are interested to learn more about how our new environmental assessments can be used to tap into extra private and government funded schemes, please get in touch. These reports also serve as a good baseline in readiness to support future ELMS.

It is very likely The Environment Bill will impose mandatory requirements for developers to demonstrate a minimum 10% net gain over a proposed site. If this 10% uplift in environmental benefit cannot be achieved on site, we can facilitate sourcing a doner site to meet your needs.

Having set a net zero or carbon neutral target, we can work alongside your business to develop changes to farming systems that comply with accredited schemes, enabling the offsetting of scope 1,2 and 3 emissions and accomplishment of your environmental goals.

As a business we realise that the farms we manage and systems we implement are a far greater asset than land masses purely used for food production. Our managed landscapes provide a scope of habitats for a diverse range of species.

Being so close to nature farms also offer lots of opportunities for tertiary sector businesses to engage with and improve the environment. Sentry believe there is huge scope to work with businesses to meet a broad range of corporate social responsibility targets at a mutual benefit to both parties.

If you would like to explore in more depth the possibility of utilising the assets of our farming businesses to support your corporate social responsibility and sustainability goals, please contact Oscar Smith for more information.

Interested in learning more about Sentry Environmental Solutions?

To unlock your environmental potential, please contact George Thomas or Oscar Smith.

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