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Our farm in Leicestershire specialises in the growing of Christmas trees.

The season begins on 1st December with three species of trees sold from the Blackbrook Farm retail site to members of the public.

What we do

We advertise in the local newspaper which is distributed to the two nearest towns, and have also advertised on the radio in the past as well. In addition, strategically placed signposts on the main roads and a mobile billboard adjacent to the A512, allow us to sell the trees direct customers.

The two weekends in the middle of December are traditionally very busy.  We aim to make this a family event, with parents bringing children to choose the tree with them.

Christmas wreaths, holly and wooden reindeers are also available.

The result

Customers are able to select their own tree with over 60 of each species on display in the Christmas tree yard at Blackbrook Farm at any one time. Trees are wrapped in plastic and loaded into the car. Stands for supporting the tree are also available in different styles on site as well.

Customer demand has seen a move away from the traditional Norway Spruce to more upmarket varieties of trees. We find the Nordmann and Fraser Firs are now very popular, with good shape, scent and colour, but more important to a lot of customers is the fact they don’t drop their needles in the house over the festive period.

To order your tree call Keith on 07970 549029 or the farm office on 01509 507777.  Click HERE to read the flyer.