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Sentry can recycle your existing farm tracks without the need to import expensive new material.

Improve the appearance of your farm, faster, safer and more comfortable transport across your farm, reduces wear and tear on machinery and vehicles.

Using a Meri road crusher we can crush your existing track, remove potholes and produce the required fines to bind the track together. Combine this with our 3 way blade and compactor plates, and we’ll effectively relay your road.

Step One – Crush

The first stage of the process is to crush the existing material to the required mix of fines, a depth of 300mm is achievable, however 150mm is usually only necessary to remove potholes in most situations.

The Tungsten crusher teeth reduce large material down to usable size and this can then be used to build a new road way.

Step Two – Grade

The grading stage of the process is crucial to create a camber from the crushed material which allows water to run off the track.

If water is allowed to sit on the final area, erosion will start and pot holes will be created

The grading is carried out using a hydraulic 3 way blade mounted on a tractor and is versatile enough to camber from either side, or from the centre of the road outwards.

Step Three – Compact

The final stage of the process once the correct shape has been achieved with the grader, is thorough compaction with repeated passes of our vibrating plate compactor.

Exclusion of traffic on the finished track for 48 hours will aid the durability of finish, as will further compaction by a vibrating roller.

Despite the best efforts of mother nature and large sudden downpours, the track has held up amazingly well and is a massive improvement.
Mark Mayhew, R G Carter Farms Ltd



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