Sentry’s detailed benchmarking allows our direct clients and associate members the opportunity to compare their farm performance against the best of the best.

Our managers belong to specialist development groups who meet regularly to apply together the latest agronomic thinking and responses to the current economic climate, as well as undertaking field scale trials.

We monitor all the crop and livestock produce from our farms through to net margin level so the full operational costs are also taken into consideration. Internal benchmarking is used widely on our arable crops to demonstrate by variety; levels of input and output are compared to the top 25%.

In highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the operational margins we are focusing the wider management team into areas where improvement is possible.

Our in house specialists help with:-

  • Detailed enterprise costings
  • Best estimate of enterprise P&L through fixed cost apportionment
  • Rolling averages and other performance data
  • Annual compilation of practical benchmarks from internal data

Using a unique blend of physical and financial data from over 20,000 hectares, Sentry is information rich.  We annually process this data to monitor trends and in certain cases, share it with our trade partners to develop new strategies.  Our input strategies for low, medium and high potential wheat crops are just one example of how being information rich has improved our performance levels.

We also derive significant benefit in comparing individual business performance to a wider sample of businesses through percentile analysis. This allows management teams to quickly assess the strengths and weaknesses of their business– both of which are important to acknowledge – through our bespoke Focus Reports

Specimen MFR